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by Spencer Academy

Spencer Academy


The silence experienced during movement is accentuated and highly appreciated during ambulance transport when the care of the patient calls for great concentration and noise limitation. The insertion of a self-oiling system in nylon between the metallic parts ensures continued silence and durability. What really impresses is the total absence of vibration, maintained balance and deadening of any noise even when in use on uneven roads.


An integrated braking system allows the chair to remain stationary on slopes, makes steering easy and blocking of the chair in the desired position. The braking procedure aided by the use of a wide handle, is gentle, requires no extra effort or regulation and simultaneously blocks both wheels and support. The wheels with diameters of 125 mm [4.92 in] have supports made in acetyl resin with the double spherical crown type rotating parts.


Wheels with a diameter of 150 mm [5.90 in] offer increased smoothness without requiring extra effort. Wheels forged in an extremely light and elastic copolymer, that glide on precision ball-bearing pads of rubberised “soft” polyurethane. The adoption of spherical pads for the rotating axis of the wheels, along with the use of an elasticised rubber covering, contributes considerably to the reduction of noise even on uneven surfaces. The elasticity of the polyurethane covering, guarantees maximum comfort thanks to the high shock absorption capacity. Ground surface irregularities are absorbed thus avoiding the transmission of any vibrations or jolting of the chair. The design of the outrunner assures silence and a perfect adherence to the ground. The special technique used in the making of the ring, gives concentricity without ovalization which guarantees uniform rotation.

Ergonomic design

We believe that good design must begin with the full understanding of the functions of a product. For us this means taking into consideration the simple operations of opening, closing, clamping, regulating or transferring and then analyzing each separate element with regards to the operators interaction with the chair. We study these elements therefore, not only to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a comfortable grip but also to make the operators job easier when using Eva. This can be seen by now taking a closer look at the instruments used for manoeuvring. The lever used to open the handle has a slightly curved shape that thickens towards the end to offer the operator's hand a comfortable and safe grip for the hand. The knob used to select the required length of the telescopic sleeves, has a space created to allow for the correct positioning of the thumb to guarantee a gentle yet safe activation.

Test Center

At a first glance, the goal seems too ambitious but the Spencer Test Center has the objective of soon becoming one of the international points of reference, for agencies, emergency-related associations as well as companies who wish to test their own products, systems and accessories including those with a high technological level. In fact, we believe that, in order to remain the leader of a rapidly evolving market, the best way is integration. Integration not only within our own company, but also in a more wide and extended way towards suppliers and partners. Spencer can boast a complete department with highly professional staff dedicated to testing and simulation procedures of our own products and systems. The department is equipped with a complete range of machines and systems able to evaluate static and dynamic crash tests, vibrations, static loading, repeatability, pressure areas. These, together with other testing apparatus, confer to our products the same quality that the star in our logo deserves.

Fixation systems

The safety of an ambulance is measured by the capacity to integrate various solutions in perfect harmony and synergy. In both computer simulations and during testing, the fixation system has been controlled and optimized in terms of crash behaviour, robustness, rigidity as well as resistance to bending and torsion. Our engineers have performed various tests of frontal, asymmetrical, lateral and posterior collision, three-meter fall and rollover tests in accordance with both the stringent Spencer protocols the UNI 1789 norms. Stringents tests that allow your fixations and equipment to perform their every-day job with maximum serenity.